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Looking for a great casino read then look no further. You won't find detailed technical strategy here, but you will find great casino stories. Want to hear about real life casino scams? Never heard of past posting?.... then read on....

Our review of the 10 casino reads

Going on holiday or just need something to read on a long journey? Check out our favourite casino books.


1# The Great Casino Heist - Richard Marcus

A great read based on a real life story of Richard Marcus who is recruited into a team of elite casino cheats while working as a dealer in Vegas.

The team travel the world, taking on and beating the casinos with surprisingly simple but effective sleight of hand tricks at the roulette table.

If you’ve never heard of ‘past posting’ or want to an enjoyable and entertaining read then get hold of a copy of this book! The moral of the story…if you have confidence and believe in yourself and can stay calm under pressure, then you can get yourself out of the most difficult of situations.


2# Bringing Down The House - Ben Mezrich

A true story of a group of talented and organised MIT students that take the casinos to the cleaners with legal and legitimate card counting techniques in the early 90’s.

Mezrich brilliantly tells the students story in a fast paced and explosive read.

If you ever wondered why there are so many decks of card in a Blackjack game then read on!





3# Fast Company - Jon Bradshaw

A real classic. Bradshaw profiles 6 professional gamblers in an attempt to understand what drives them, and what marks out the winners from the loosers.

Written in a loose yet effective style, I found this book hard to put down.

Having it on your book shelf shows real class.




4# The Man With The $100,000 Breasts
- Michael Konick

Yes it has a strange title, but this book is certainly entertaining. Made up of a number of separate stories, Konik produces a real page turner.

Read about the most remarkable gambling stories ever told.

Don't be put off by the title (which itself is an interesting gambling tale!).





5# Jonny Magic And The Card Shark Kids
- David Kushner

The story of how a intelligent yet bullied looser of a kid, who in time turns into sharp, professional gambler.

A real underdog story that has you cheering along the whole way.

Sharp, interesting and has you cheering to the end.


6# Whale Hunt In The Desert - Deke Castleman

An interesting read on high rollers and the handling of them behind the scenes in 90’s Vegas.

Entertaining and witty, it tells the tales of how casinos attempt to keep high rollers happy, and more importantly how to keep coming back!

You won’t belive some of the things they get up to!


7# Dice Angel - Brian Rouff

Brian Rouff’s first novel, based in Vegas has you laughing out loud at the wise cracking lead character Jimmy Delaney.

Jimmy’s business is going down the pan, and is being chased by the IRS.

Guess where he ends up…in the casinos of Vegas. A real page turner.


8# The Counter - Kevin Blackwood

If you want to see what the life of a professional gambler is like then this is the book to read.

It’s the type of stuff movies are made of…and with Hollywoods interest in anything gambling at the moment, then it wouldn’t surprise me to see this turned into a blockbuster movie in the near future.

Read it before it hits the big screen!


9# God Doesn't Shoot Craps - R. Armstrong

Don’t let the strange title put you off this book. This is a great story of grafter, Danny Pellegrino, who goes into business with an inventor who has come up with an unbeatable craps system.

Armed with the details of the system, Danny decides to make it on his own, only for the Mob to be 2 paces behind him.

A witty and entertaining debut novel by Richard Armstrong.


10# Casino - Martin Scorsese, Nicolas Pileggi

The book that was used as a basis of the 1995 movie ‘Casino’.

If you are interested in the Mob and enjoyed the movie, then get hold of a copy of this.

Written together by Martin Scorsese (who went on to direct the film) and Nicolas Pileggi (who wrote the best selling book ‘Wiseguy’), the book certainly matches the movie for pace, violence and ruthlessness.

Interesting and informative.


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