What's the difference between a download and non-download $ US online casino?

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What’s the difference between a Download and Non-Download casino?

Casinos either come in download or non-download versions (some casinos offer you both). The difference between the two types basically boils down to time – do you want to play soon, or do you want to play NOW!?

With a download casino, you will get an all-singing and all-dancing experience, offering you the chance to play with other players, chat and experience all of the games the casino has to offer.

With a non-download casino, it is an instantaneous journey into the casino, and although the games may look superb, the number of games you can play may be limited.

These games normally come in Java or Flash, and most casinos will supply you with this software for free if it finds you do not have the most up-to-date versions. Again this is a very painless process, and you will be playing your favourite games within minutes!

The upshot is, if you have the time and you love playing with other people, then go for a download casino. If you simply have to play right now and on your own, then non-download is for you!

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