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Welcome to Online-Casino-Buddy, the #1 online casino review site on the internet. You've chosen your preferred casino, now it's time to download their software and get playing! This section will tell you how to get to the games themselves by walking you through the download and registration process offered by a variety of online casinos.

How To Play...

So you've chosen the casino you want to play, you've visited their website bristling with anticipation. But what next? How do you actually go about playing at the casino in question?

Well, with so many different software packages out there belonging to different casinos, we wouldn't have the time or space to tell you exactly for every one! However the process you have to go through is quite similar wherever you play, and it is not that difficult!

1. First up, every website will tell you to either
PLAY NOW or CLICK HERE or DOWNLOAD NOW. Spot this at your chosen casino, and click.

2. You will then be presented with a windows pop-up that contains the actual download executable (or exe as it is known) that allows you to start the process off. Click
RUN when presented with box, and continue when prompted.

3. Now, depending on what software you are trying to download, the next bit may differ slightly. So we are going to take you through how
CryptoLogic deal with this, as they are arguably the biggest software provider out there.

4. Once the exe has finished (should take a matter of seconds) you will then be presented with the Casino's loading page. Here they will ask you to make sure that you read their
Ts and Cs for using their casino. Please make sure that you take the time to read these Ts and Cs… it will only take a few minutes and it means that you will be in possession of all the rules when you join.

5. Once you have agreed to the Ts and Cs, you will then be asked where you would like the casino software to be saved onto your PC.
Nearly every casino will create a relevant folder for you to be saved onto your C drive. Even if you prefer to have this somewhere else, you can choose exactly where you want it to go.

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