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Welcome to Online-Casino-Buddy, the #1 online casino review site on the internet. Here you will find tips and strategies for playing at online casinos. If you need advice with online blackjact or want to know the 10 best gambling movies of all time then check out these articles.

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Hollywood is busy making the next generation of gambling movies, but they will have a lot to live up to. Check out Buddy's reviews of the top 10 gambling movies of all time?

Great casino books-our review of the best casino reads out there

Looking for a great casino read then look no further. You won't find detailed technical strategy here, but you will find great casino stories. Want to hear about real life casino scams? Never heard of past posting?.... then read on....

Blackjack - beginners advice on how to play as well as basic strategy

Blackjack is certainly the easiest casino game to learn, especially online. However, every time I visit a casino I'm amazed at the poor play that I see at the table. Like all things 'keep it simple'. Learn black jack rules and basic strategy here. Its not hard and could be the best thing you ever do.

American Idol bets -odds and tips on series 5 of American Idol

Find the latest odds and tips as well as where to bet on American Idol. Do the bookmakers agree with the judges? Find out here.


Craps - is a complex but great game - find advice on how to play

It was a number of years and over 200 hundred visits to casinos before I ever played Craps and I often wonder why? Yes, its a fairly complex game, but with sound advice and a little practice at an online casino you should be ready to hit the tables with confidence.


Spread Betting - has revolutionised online gaming - check out our tips

Spread betting has taken off in recent years and has revolutionised the online gaming industry. Learn the basics and read our tips before taking that Wall Street wide boy to the cleaners...bring it on big mouth.


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