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22 February

Not surprising to see that Ladbrokes Plc's financial results were not all that was expected. Results announced today show theie poker revenue down almost 3% on last year. How this can occur in a growing industry means the big boys of the UK gaming market have a few questions to ask and heads to bang.....


20 February
News on the street is that the most anticipated poker site, PKR poker are shortly to launch. The team at PKR have been working tirelessly for the last 12 months on their revolutionary 3D poker platform. Beta testing of the product has gone very well and its anticipated that its going to make some impact on the online poker commnuity. Read more about PKR poker at



13 February

If Poker's your game, there's an exciting freeroll kicking off now at Titan Poker. Click on the link for your chance to enter this $$$ online poker competition!! If you're already a member, I don't need to tell you about the this great comp. do I?! If you aren't, then take advantage of this great opportunity to join up.

If you make a $150 deposit when you join Titan, you will get free entry to the daily freeroll qualifier at 4pm the following day, and if you deposit more than $150, you will get two chances, at the 4pm and the 9pm qualifier, the following day. Five lucky winners from each of these 2 daily freerolls will then go on to the Online Main Event Freeroll, which will take place on Sunday April 30th 2006 - for the $500,000 prize money - which is distributed amongst the 200 players (from $162,000 for 1st place, down to $50 each for those placed 151-200).

Now this next bit is the bit that got me all excited...when there are 10 players left in the competition, play is suspended till May 2006 - where it continues in a secret location! Not only do those 10 players get travel and accommodation, they're playing for the real deal ($$$$) and if they get a Jackpot Hand, they could win up to $100,000,000... roll on the Royal Flush of Spades... good luck to those with the cajones!!

And whilst we're on the subject... online Poker that is, there's another brilliant site coming to a screen near your pretty soon. It goes by the name of PKR. For any of you guys out there who reckon they can give some good tips as to how to make a Poker room better, PKR want you to join their beta-testing programme (Jan/Feb 2006) or sign-up to the Advanced Registration Programme (ARP). Get onto the ARP now, and you can reserve a username for yourself, (I wonder who'll pick the handle 'the winner')?! and also benefit from some great promos including a guaranteed entry to a freeroll for a $25,000 seat at the WPT Championship. It's looking good to me... great 3D Graphics and their putting a strong emphasis on HUMAN INTERACTION... so it'll be much more like the real casino deal.

Check out PKR by clicking here Check out PKR by clicking here


10 January

How does a romantic weekend in the European city of Prague sound? Well if I won the King Cashalot progressive jackpot (see our Jackpots page) which is now $1.2m I'd certainly take Mrs Buddy there. What's worrying though is the news that a childrens casino has reportedly opened in Prague. What on earth is that all about? Next thing I'll have the kids wanting to come to Vegas with me. Give it a break fellas, its an adults game. Let the kids do what kids do, spend my winnings before I've even made them.....

30th December

According to the Financial Mail, the National Gambling Board's special investigative committee has recommended legalizing Internet gambling. In order for Internet gambling in South Africa to become legal, Mandisi Mpahlwa, the Trade & Industry minister, needs to accept the recommendations of the committee. Considering an entire town (Sun City) has been built around land based casinos its hardly a hard decision is it? Nothing that a large brown envelope full of $ couldn't sort out.

21st December

American student atheletes gamble

The NCAA have recently released a document stating that 35% of student male atheletes reported gambling on spoting events. It doesn't end there either. They have set up a NCAA Sports Wagering Task Force. Come on guys, lets put this in perspective. Why don't you tell us something we didn't know...How about 90% of students have sampled alcohol and engaged in activities considered by mothers of female atheletes as 'unsporting' .....

20th December

AOL deal with Google:

Google have agreed to supply search technology to AOL, in a 5 year deal that has shaken the internet community.  However, what has come as a bigger shock is the indication that Google will provide assistance to AOL to improve the ranking of AOL content in Google.  This new alliance will leave Microsoft feeling more than disappointed, as they were keen to form a strategic marketing partnership with AOL. I don't know who to feel more sorry for...poor old Billy (Gates) for being left out in the cold, the $ hungry Google who appear to be going against the simplicity of their site that has made them the most powerful search engine in the world, or those 20 million AOL users who have that dreadful software on their PC's?

Sick of Poker solitaire?

I make no apologies to being a keen online poker player.  Having spent hours downloading, testing and playing software from the leading Poker sites and then writing reviews on our brother site , I consider myself to be somewhat of an expert in the area. However, a trade insider recently contacted me about Stacks Poker (  This site will offer 2D and 3D poker games, where you will have the possibility to read 'tells' like a real life game. Stacks Poker will provide the internet with most advanced software package available online... and it's coming to a screen near you early in 2006! Do yourself a favour, check the site out, sign up as a preview player (under Player Sign Up) and I'll see you at the tables.  Bring it on...

Click here to check out the amazing graphics and download the Video Trailer at Stacks Click here to check out the amazing graphics and download the Video Trailer at Stacks

19 December

Casino Buyer pleads guilty

The storyline could come straight out of the movie 'Casino', as NY businessman Adam Kidan pleads guilty to defrauding lenders of $20m in the purchase of SunCruz Casinos. Sentencing is due on 1st March, where Kidman can expect to be sentenced for up to 7 years. That's one casino I won't be playing then...

16 December

Party Gaming recruitment in overdrive:

Party Gaming the world's leading online gaming company, announced today the appointment of Nigel Birrell as Director of Mergers and Acquisitions. Nigel joins the firm from HIT Entertainment whose brands included Barney the Dinosaur and Thomas the Tank Engine.

Who and what Party are to acquire in the near future will no doubt keep the city analysts on their toes....

Essex boy wins big:

Intercasino have confirmed that Jon R of Essex, England has won the Millionnaire Slot Jackpot of $1.7 million. Jon will no doubt be enjoying a great christmas. It's also nice to hear that winning it WAS going to change his life.... Makes a nice refreshing change to hear that. Nice one Jon.


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